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Plumbing Installation

If your residence is in need of all new plumbing, make sure you seek the help of a reputable and experienced plumber to handle the job for you. Richardson Wes Heating & Plumbing is here to give you the expert help you need and will make sure your new plumbing is installed correctly and to current industry standards. We can also help you out if you are ever in need of an emergency plumber for your existing plumbing.

You can count on us!


Home Reno projects require the help of a professional, no matter how big or how small they might be. Keep Richardson Wes Heating & Plumbing in mind if you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and need the assistance of qualified plumber. We will be there for you when you need help with:

  • Toilet installation

  • Sink installation

  • Faucet installation

  • Shower installation

  • Garbage disposal Installation

  • Dishwasher installation



We’ll also be there when you are in need of an emergency plumber for your existing plumbing work. Richardson Wes Heating & Plumbing specializes in quick response times, complete honesty and competitive pricing.


Contact us today!


Even if your current plumbing system is fine, there are still steps you can take now to keep from having to call an emergency plumber. Regular maintenance ensures that we find problems in your plumbing before they become more expensive than they absolutely have to be.


If you’re in need of plumbing installation or plumbing maintenance, call Richardson Wes Heating & Plumbing at 604-253-2823 or contact us online.

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