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Testimonials & Reviews

Here are a few reviews and testimonials we have received over the past few years! Interested in writing a testimonial? We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at or write a Google or Bing review!

Though I have driven past this place on Hastings a million times; I never noticed it before and definitely would not have found them without Google. ( They need help with their signage). It actually appears to be named Richardson & Wes on the sign at the top of the building.

I am a last minute person. Store employees hate me. I'm the guy who sneaks in the exit door of Home Depot at 9:59 PM and runs to the paint section searching for duct tape.

The case was similar today. A last minute search for a store selling the copper parts that Home Depot no longer carries brought up the name of this store and I gave them a call. They were closing in twenty minutes. Oops.

I walked in the door five minutes before closing and apologized.

I got some of the best service and most helpful advice I have ever received in any store. Talk about knowledgeable! The guy I spoke to listened and understood exactly what I needed. He even let me climb up a ladder to a loft to see an example of what I was looking for ! I walked out with everything I needed (ten minutes after closing time) and he undercharged me by a dollar.

Jim Purvis

I have been dealing with this company for 20 years and first in our Condo now at our home. Although sometimes there is a language barrier with a couple of the service guys if they know why they are there they do a great job. In the past 5-6 years there has been a huge effort on Richard's part to be come more everybody friendly, i.e. cater to just not the Chinese market, and I applaud him for the work and the staff that he has working there.. Richard's group of employees have never sold me something I did not need and has saved me and the condo thousands of dollars.

From anonymous Google Review

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