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Boiler Repairs
Our repair Services

  • Air lock

  • Gas Leak

  • Noisy pump

  • Noisy Boiler

  • High gas bill

  • Boiler old age

  • Leaking water

  • Flame roll out

  • Dripping valve

  • Unusual odours


Gas leaks

A gas leak in the heating system is a safety concern.These are emergency situations that require immediate assistance.  Please call your gas supplier or Fortis BC and Richardson Wes Heating & Plumbing.

Our technicians are equipped with professional tools to identify carbon monoxide emissions and gas leaks.  We are able detect problems and inspect important components such as gas burners, gas igniters, gas valves and safety limits.


Some boiler issues can cause a problem for the system to over work.  This may increase and heighten gas bills to unnecessary rates.

If an old boiler continues to break down and repairs are often needed, it may be more cost effective to replace old system with a new energy star model.  Boilers in poor conditions can leak gas frequently; replacement might be necessary due to safety concerns. Richardson Wes Heating is your boiler expert.  We can diagnose your system and give you a fair price on repairs. 

Contact Us

Trust us for your Vancouver boiler repair service.  Providing expert heating services in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 1984

Need repair or replace your gas boiler?  Call 604-253-2823 for fast and reliable service in the lower mainland


  • Radiator plugged

  • Induce fan noisy

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Gas code violations

  • Thermostat inaccuracy

  • Expansion tank leaking

  • Cracked heat exchanger

  • Heat exchanger plugged

  • Poly-Butylene pipe failure

  • Corrosion and sludge build up in water

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